Maintenance Tips For Digital Printing Machines
Nov 19, 2018

1. Be sure to secure the sprinkler during transport, and do not allow the spray car to slide freely.

Prevents the jet from sliding due to malfunction. Digital Printing Machine Jet truck 

2. When the machine is not working, be sure to stop the jet in situ flash (continuous flash spray time does not exceed three hours) or moisturize the nozzle (when the nozzle stops working, the time directly exposed to the air must not exceed 15 minutes), because the ink volatility is large, the ink on the nozzle is quickly dried, and clogged the nozzle.

3. When printing found a broken needle situation, then please do not rush to clean the nozzle, first move the spray to the cleaning position to see if there is bruising ink or fiber material under the nozzle, after confirming the cause of the nozzle broken needle, and then the nozzle to do the corresponding treatment.

4. Replace the ink filter regularly.

(The normal replacement period is three months, depending on actual usage) 5. To ensure that the machine working environment ventilation, cleaning, to avoid direct sunlight machine ink supply system, ink supply system must be sealed, need to connect with the atmosphere must be added air filter, equipment work place, as far as possible to reduce dust, the workplace is guaranteed to mop the ground once a day.

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