How The Stability Of Power Supply Affects Digital Printing Machine
Nov 19, 2018

In the daily use of digital printing machine out of the map, often found that the digital printing machine in the case of plugging, especially in the digital printing captain time suspended use and did not do a good job of nozzle maintenance work, the emergence of digital printing machine plugging head of the majority. But will these faults be related to piezoelectric power? Digital printing machine when the voltage is unstable, will it cause the digital printing machine often plug the head? For voltage and nozzle plugging can be said that there is no direct relationship, but the voltage instability is easy to burn the nozzle circuit, such as the motherboard damage, serious words may also cause damage to the nozzle circuit. If there is a voltage instability in the use of digital printing machine environment, it is recommended that users for digital printing machine to install voltage regulator, and must be installed, so as to better protect the nozzle.

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