How Do I Buy A T-shirt UV Printer
Nov 19, 2018

1, understand the current printer market is chaotic: we first have to make it clear that the printer you buy is not the general office use of the printer, he is not a mature machine, the market is more immature, industrial production using printers, in the country is generally imported printer modification or domestic printer modification, A lot of technology is not very mature, of course, there are some manufacturers of technology is very mature, but this kind of manufacturers are generally in this industry mixed for more than 5 years. The chaos in the market has led to price confusion for clothing printers. 

2, the price is not the same quality is not the same: the old saying: a penny of goods. The price of the printer is not the same is also normal, need the purchaser to tell the printer's own good or bad. Then someone asked, "I don't understand the costume printer, how to tell the difference between good and bad?" "In fact, it is not so difficult, generally look at the products provided by manufacturers to use the accessories list, the printer on-site printing samples, the printer after the sale can be seen." Accessories good, proofing effect, good after-sales service, the general price will be slightly higher, but his quality, good job stability, after-sales do not have to worry. 

3, the price is not the same after the sale is not the same: Many friends buy printers are worried about the printer after the sale, in fact, this is a very important piece, who do not want to buy a money printer home all day trouble strike it, so the quality of the front is very important, there are manufacturers to sell printers cheap, Buyers should ask clear manufacturers.

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