Digital Printing Machine Nozzle Can't Spew Out Ink Dots What's Going On?
Nov 19, 2018

1, nozzle failure; it may be that the nozzle has a blockage, you can use the cleaning function to clean up, if the problem is still there, please sell later to solve.

2, printer driver problem; This is a better solution, the driver unloaded after the restart of the computer, and then from the new installation of the original driver can be, if the uninstall is not clean could be installed from the system after the drive.

3, RIP software problems, can be the same as the drive after reloading, the deletion is not genuine, the replacement of genuine software, generally a lot of problems are caused by pirated software. 

4, digital printing machine motherboard failure; This is more troublesome, need manufacturers to carry out technical support.

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