The color method of digital printing
Nov 19, 2018

1, Screen display method

Adjust the color of the image by adjusting the color of the screen display, usually by selecting or adjusting colors from the color menu on the screen.

2, Color card toning method

Color card to control the color of the pattern is a simple, intuitive and effective method. International commonly used color card has RGB color card, CMYK color card, Lab color card and Pantone color card.

Compare the color of the customer to the color card, find the color label in the color card that is the same or close to the pattern color, record the corresponding value or number, and transmit the color value in the graphics software to adjust the color of the image.

3, the measurement of tone color method

This toning method uses a color tester to measure the target color block, and transmits the measured results to the PC and prints out the color.

This method determines the color through the instrument, thus removing a lot of human and environmental factors.

4. Experience Toning Method

The speed of its toning process and the accuracy of the results are entirely based on the need for the operator to continuously analyze and accumulate in the usual work. In the process of accumulation of experience, we should constantly accumulate data, the color of the tune for labeling, labeling, in case of need to use.

Digital Printing experience Toning method is similar to the traditional printing experience toning method, but it is easier to master than the traditional printing color method.

5, the center tone color method The center's hue color method is used in conjunction with other toning methods. When measuring the target color block with color card method or color measurement method, the result color and target color may have a certain chromatic aberration due to the limitation of the number of color cards or the difference of the fabric, as well as the limitation of the accuracy of the color measuring instrument.

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