T-shirt printing machine pure cotton direct injection printing scheme steps
Nov 19, 2018

First, the Picture RIP processing

A T-shirt to print a better effect, its picture effect must be good, the impurities in the picture to pick clean, easy to produce chromatic aberration of the color block to do in the picture processing software to do fine-tuning (this is the need for long-term experience accumulated), so that the T-shirt printing machine out of the map is their desired effect.

Second, pre-spray treatment fluid Cotton T-shirt in the fixed to T-shirt printing machine platform before, is the need to do pre-treatment, light cotton fabric pretreatment fluid and dark cotton cloth pretreatment solution is different, light cloth pretreatment liquid is mainly used to increase the brightness of the pattern, dark cotton cloth pretreatment fluid is used and bottom of the white ink to produce chemical reactions, So that white ink can be firmly adsorbed on the dark cotton fabric, a variety of tools, can be used with professional spraying layer equipment, can also be used electric spray pot.

Spraying process, must spray evenly, but also sufficient amount, uneven or insufficient printing effect will not be good, and easy to wash off, spray excessive easy to cause waste, DuPont's pretreatment fluid is not cheap, use is not good, spray a garment cost may exceed the cost of chromatic.

Third, digital direct injection printing machine Use a T-shirt to run a machine or a flying fish T-shirt cutting digital printing machine, you can easily complete

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