How to solve the problem of digital printing machine back ink
Nov 19, 2018

The solution is to do three checks, that is, to check whether the digital printing machine ink cartridges have leakage status, in order to prevent a large amount of air into the cause of atmospheric pressure, resulting in ink reflux of the ink sac, so that the digital printing machine has a back ink failure, and second, check whether the ink sac of the digital printing press is leaking, because the ink supply is not tightly connected will cause air into the ink supply system, causing ink reflux phenomenon. After checking the exclusion one by one, if you find that the interface is not sealed, you can reconnect to ensure that the seal does not leak, if it is ink sac, ink tube rupture or there are small holes, please replace directly. In addition, can be installed on the ink supply valve switch and so on, in the usual digital printing machine idle time can turn off the check-valve switch, further prevent ink reflux.

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