How to buy t-shirt printing machine
Nov 19, 2018

1. First of all, T-shirt printing machine, transfer process investment is relatively small, and printed out of the printing accuracy is high, the only drawback is that the applicable fabric will be limited, it is mainly applicable to chemical fiber fabrics. 

2. Direct injection process of T-shirt printing machine mainly for cotton fabrics, the market is more popular cotton Direct spray machine is the Flying Fish VOL288 series. It has the characteristics of superior performance, affordable price and compact structure. It is also equipped with a dual printing platform designed for efficient printing operations. 

3. Active industry T-shirt printing machine, generally need to go through the fabric sizing, steaming, washing and other links, the process is more cumbersome. Investment is relatively large, but the active industry T-shirt printing machine can be applied, cotton, hemp, silk, wool, modell, nylon, polyester and other fabrics. 

4. The nozzle is also an aspect to consider before purchasing a T-shirt printing machine, because as one of the most important parts in the printing link, you can decide on the printing accuracy, color and quality printed out. In fact, the price is not the final consideration, the application is the most important.

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