How to buy a good clothing printing machine
Nov 19, 2018

1, a number of comparisons The first thing we need to be clear about is what our needs are? What type of fabric is printed? Then you can go to some exhibitions, factories, or online search to compare the price of clothing printing machine, shopping malls quoted is the most chaotic. So try not to go to the mall. As we all know, the current clothing printing machine in our country, usually has imported printer modification or domestic printer modification, the price will not have too big gap, so the suggestion is a number of inquiries, compared to the price before deciding to buy.

2, after-sales service No matter which manufacturer buys clothing printing machine, all customers are most concerned about one of the issues is after the sale. So after-sales service is also a point that all manufacturers should pay attention to. At the time of purchase, we can ask whether the manufacturer has ever sold customers at the customer's location. Can you look at the machine in the field. This point can obviously see the manufacturer after-sales problem. You can also learn about word of mouth from customers who have sold it.

3. Technical Support Clothing printing machine is generally the need for a computer to connect to the printer, first need to use the computer to set up supporting software, and then set the picture format, print size and location. These are the need for technical staff after-sales support, this is to balance a after-sales role of the most important goal. 

Manufacturers of after-sales staff a few months of rookies and years or even the last ten years of insider technicians to help you solve the role of doubt, which is a lot different.

4. Quotation questions Before there is said shopping malls clothing printing machine quotes messy, do not know true or false, then how to distinguish? In our full understanding of the manufacturers of machinery accessories, the use of training, after-sales and other aspects of the printer's good quality, good job stability, after-sales actually do not have to worry,

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