Four aspects of the choice of digital direct injection printing machine
Nov 19, 2018

1: Understanding Word of mouth

For the customers who have never come into contact with cotton Digital Direct injection printing machine manufacturers, how to choose a strong cotton digital printing machine manufacturers, such as technology, quality, after-sales and other aspects should be taken into account.

2: Cost-effective

Do not too much pursuit of digital direct printing machine printing efficiency, the demand is good enough, because the faster the digital direct injection printing machine price is also relatively high, but also do not too much pursuit of high prices

3: After-sales service Buying is just the beginning. Bought a digital direct printing machine is just the beginning, regardless of the price. The actual use of cotton digital T-shirt printing machine will be faulty, then there must be after-sales remote consultation or door-to-home resolution, this time after-sales team size and feedback efficiency, decided your cotton Digital Direct spray T-shirt printing machines for how long, of course, there will be loss of benefits,

So find a good after-sales service of pure cotton digital clothing printing machine manufacturers are still very necessary.

4: Ink Supply

Price is not the king, the application is the most important, because the price of expensive digital direct printing machine corresponding to the ink supplies, will bring you high prices of printing costs, and too cheap cotton digital clothing printing machine ink, in the actual printing out, in the color, fluency, color fastness and other aspects may be biased.

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